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My web site is named after my foundation male Kumar Lhag-pa Von-Trisong. He comes from Wrist,Germany. He traveled from there to my home at 4.5 months of age. For such a little fellow the long journey did not phase him at all. I spent a week with his german mom of http://www.lhasa-apso-kasu.de/english/. Karin's link is on my link page as well.  He is very well built with a nice temperment and lovely hard generous coat. It is goat like in texture. Her web site explains a lot of history as well and the breeding program he comes from.
My interest of lhasa's started >35 years ago. My father had gotten a little apso named Tylee. He was a puppy store lhasa. Had a very chary of strangers attitude, very loyal to my father and his constant companion. He guarded him totally. I was intriqued by the background, history and take charge attitude of these dogs. "Buddhist Temple dogs", as my father called them.  I wanted especially a male with a good temperment. Kumar is a real gem! He is very good with people and children.  8 years ago I was connected to Karakal Lhasa Apso's and brought "Xena" aka Karakal Desert Firestorm home. I had been on her waiting list for a couple of years.  A real character! She is of Hamilton\Tibetan lineage. Pure tibetan.

Please feel free to contact me thru the comment section. This is an active site. I will respond as soon as possible. Less that 24h for any questions you have about any future breeding's or the desire to own an very typey Lhasa Apso.  Breedings are rare! My goal in breeding is to breed to type, sound structure and health and good personality. Two of  my other breeding males are Tibetan imports from a french breeding program. 

I am a current member of the National Lhasa apso organization (ALAC) and support the correct standard of the breed. Also an active member of the northern California lhasa apso club. I do show my dogs in local conformation shows.

Our dogs have a DNA profile thru the AKC, as well as the german registery so lineage can be proven.

For the sale of puppies we do have a signed contract, ask that prospective buyers come to get the puppy and meet us and see how the dogs are raised. We guarentee the health of our dogs. They are microchipped and have their immunizations current for age at time of sale. We also encourge waiting until pups are at least 9 months old before neutering or spaying. Studies have shown that early sterilizing of dogs has long term health implications. The vets are making money off health issues of dogs! They encourage the early neutering and spaying for population control only. Your vet needs to  give a medical reason for it being done early. There is a good article on the American lhasa apso web site regarding the practice and the health implications. Based on a study done at the UC of Davis in California. 

I live in eastern washington state. Please feel free to post a comment and let me know of how you arrived at my web site.

Thanks for your visit!

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