Tibetan Lhasa Apso

Von Lhag-pa Lhasa Apso's

Here is a list of my  favorite links.  I hope this list helps you LOCATE / RESEARCH.  If you have suggestions about other sites to include, send email to me.  I would love to exchange links.

Karakal Lhasa Apso's

My co-breeder

Dr Catherine Marley

Long time breeder, mentor of those who want to learn about the breed. The most complete and correct information on the internet!

The American Lhasa Apso Club

Lots of information about our breed. Has a list of all the Lhasa Breeders and contact information.

Karin Acker-Wrist Germany

Breeder and Judge of the tibetan breeds in Germany

Breeder of Kumar Lhag-pa Von Tri-Song


Karin Acker (Von Tri-Song )and Susanne Borchert (Orthangi's)


Grooming Products

Has all the grooming products we use on the dogs. Has exhibited and shown for years. Stand behind the items she sells. Also helps mentor with the use of her products.